The first relex smile laser in northern germany: laser eye surgery has never been so soft!

The first relex smile laser in northern germany: laser eye surgery has never been so soft!

Laser eye surgery with a tiny cornea cut instead of a flap / especially suitable for patients with dry eyes.
EuroEyes eye clinic, Hamburg, offers a new, especially soft form of laser eye surgery for patients with severe refraction anomalies, thin cornea, dry eyes: with ReLEx smile procedure only a tiny cornea cut with a femtosecond laser is needed for long-term correction of refraction anomalies or astigmatism.

With this minimum invasive procedure the cornea remains stable and the risk of complications, such as inflammations or dry eyes is significantly reduced. “With this innovation we can offer a higher level of comfort and safety to our patients” – explains dr. Jørn Jørgensen, eye surgeon and the head of EuroEyes clinic group.

The new laser therapy is especially suitable for the patients suffering from severe myopia as well as the patients for which a question of laser therapy has never been raised due to eye dryness. “ReLEx smile procedure with VisuMax laser is so soft that even eye dryness isn’t a problem any more”, – says dr. Jørgensen. In addition, another advantage for the patients is a quick vision rehabilitation process: they can start doing sports, swimming, using cosmetics and working with a computer even on the next day.

A critical advantage of ReLEx smile therapy is that unlike the usual LASIK method it doesn’t require an around 20 mm wide opening of an upper corneal layer (flap). With ReLEx smile only a 2-3 mm cut is needed. In such a way the interference into the cornea biomechanics is minimized. “By refusing the flap formation procedure, fewer nerves are damaged in the cornea surface, the risk of eye dryness is significantly reduced and the risks of contamination and epithelium in-growth after LASIK are largely minimized.” – sais dr. Jørgensen. Another advantage: with the help of VisuMax laser refraction anomaly can be corrected in one step only.

VisuMax femtosecond laser was developed by Carl Zeiss Meditec. EuroEyes possesses the only VisuMax laser with ReLEx smile procedure in Northern Germany. Already in 2004, thanks to implementation of a femtosecond laser, EuroEyes became one of the pioneers in the sphere of soft eye surgery. In 2011 the company was one of the first eye surgery clinics that started using LenSx femtosecond laser in lens surgery. With ReLEx smile procedure the clinic group offers a precious innovation at a totally new level of quality to its patients.