LenSx laser lens treatment

The revolutionary laser assisted approach to lens surgery using the Femtosecond Laser, LenSx®, enables a blade-free implantation of artificial lenses (multifocal lenses) for the treatment of presbyopia or cataract.


The new LenSx® laser represents a paradigm shift in the surgical treatment of presbyopia and cataracts – the world’s most commonly performed surgery. The laser replaces several steps which were manually performed by the surgeon before. The LenSx femtosecond laser revolutionises this surgical method, which has remained unchanged for over 40 years.

It combines several partial steps and makes the surgeon’s scalpel superfluous. This allows not only a painless procedure, but also a reduction of human mistakes to an absolute minimum. Patients benefit from an even greater accuracy, perfection and safety which cannot be reached on that high level by a hand-guided surgery.

EuroEyes has been one of the first clinical groups for lens surgery in Germany to apply the LenSx® in the field of laser lens exchange and reached fantastic results. Now we offer LensX at many EuroEyes locations.

Precision and safety

All the necessary steps of a lens surgery, are now–with highest precision and safety–taken over by the LenSx®. An experienced surgeon plans and monitors every step of the femtosecond laser throughout the treatment.

Before the Surgery

The laser is accurately centered on the lens of the eye. All planned incisions are displayed to and supervised by the surgeon on the OCT monitor from various perspectives. OCT stands for Optical Coherence Tomography imaging and describes a method by which a high-resolution three-dimensional image of the entire anterior chamber of the eye is produced.

During the Treatment

A molded contact glass is placed on the patient’s eye. The patient interface displays a representation of the OCT superimposed on an image of the patient’s eye, and together with synchronised video surveillance the laser performs several steps of the surgery.

After the LenSx Femtosecond Laser has made its incisions and softened the natural lens, the contact lens is removed, and the surgeon easily and safely removes the remnants of the lens with special surgical instrument. This procedure is called phacoemulsification. During laser assisted lens exchange, the energy required to remove the lens is 40% less than with traditional cataract surgery.

Finally, the surgeon inserts the folded artificial lens (multifocal lens) into the now empty capsular bag and centers it to achieve an optimal visual impression after the surgery.

Improved Quality of Vision With Laser Precision at the LenSx lens exchange

The treatment with the LenSx® in EuroEyes offers three distinct advantages:

1. Safety

The LenSx® reduces the loss of tissue during surgery. In addition, 40 percent less ultrasonic energy is required to remove the natural lens. This technology is significantly less invasive and and is thereby safer than conventional methods of refractive laser surgery.

2. Precision

The LenSx® ensures significantly more precision in lens surgery. The analysis system, OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography), allows a highly accurate computer-based control of the entire operation and a more accurate placement of the artificial lens for better vision. Existing astigmatism can also be treated with the LenSx®. The computer can plan the placement of incisions to compensate for, and thus minimize, astigmatism.

3. Predictability

When using the LenSx®, treatments virtually happen 100% like the surgeon had planned with the OCT. The result is a highly optimized approach to the treatment of existing vision disorders, or cataracts with the use of multifocal lenses in the laser-lens surgery.

Why LenSx®?

The use of the new laser LenSx® represents a paradigm shift in the surgical treatment of cataracts, the world’s most commonly performed surgery.

Additionally, this represents a significant innovation for the 33 million Germans over 50 that suffer from presbyopia.

This quantum leap in the field of ophthalmology allows us to offer you an even better, more accurate, safer and gentler treatment. You will benefit from this technology in line with our philosophy: not only correcting your vision, but also continually improving the quality of the treatment and the quality of your vision.

Consistent with our innovative and leading position in the field of eye surgery, EuroEyes is one of the first clinical groups in Germany to use the Femtosecond Laser LenSx®, and this is since November 2011.

Developed by the U.S. laser manufacturer Alcon, the LensSx Femtosecond Laser enables very precise, tissue-saving procedures on the eye – and thus makes it possible to perform a virtually complication-free cataract and presbyopia treatment.

Because of these positive features, the femtosecond laser has been established for many years in the treatment of refractive errors in the eye laser surgery – and is the standard treatment with EuroEyes.


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