Some simple habits protect you and your loved ones from pathogens such as viruses and bacteria in everyday life. Here we present 10 behaviors that protect against infection with infectious diseases such as flu and the corona virus.

For details, also read the brochure of the Federal Center for Health Education . If you have any questions or are unsure about the correct application, the EuroEyes staff will be happy to help you.



  1. Frequent hand washing
  2. Thorough hand washing: up to 30 seconds, soap, running water, clean towel
  3. Keep hands away from the face
  4. Cough and sneeze: in the crook of the arm or a disposable handkerchief, turn away from people
  5. In the case of illness: keep your distance from other people
  6. Cover wounds with a plaster or bandage
  7. Clean surfaces in the bathroom and kitchen regularly with household cleaners
  8. Treat food hygienically: rinse, cool properly, prepare separately and cook meat sufficiently
  9. Wash dishes and laundry (especially bed and underwear, towels) at 60 ° C
  10. Ventilate rooms several times a day for a few minutes



Can a viral disease like Corona affect the outcome of the eye treatment?

The virus is not expected to directly influence the healing process on the eye. The result should therefore not be impaired in the short and long term.

Are there any special measures that patients need to take with regard to Corona?

In principle, the same protection and precautionary measures apply to the coronavirus as to normal virus flu. It is simply important to be cautious and prudent in the immediate vicinity in order to minimize the risk of infection.

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