As a Clinical Group, and provider of medical services, we are responsibile for one of the most important sensory organs. It is important for us, that we take social responsibility beyond that of medicine. We are engaged not only in education, science and research, but also in social projects in less developed countries.



At EuroEyes,our commitment to the development of our employees is of the highest priority. We are always looking for young graduates, experienced professionals and career changers, as well as medical and non-medical professionals to join EuroEyes. EuroEyes Academy runs its own special programs for the training and education of its employees.



In addition to providing eye care solutions through surgical procedures, EuroEyes continuiously carries out research in order to achieve the best possible treatment for each patient. As part of our scientific analysis, the treatment results are statistically evaluated in order to optimize the treatment techniques. EuroEyes clinics are equipped with the latest and most advanced technology and are at the forefront of technological and surgical advances in laser eye surgery in order to maintain the highest standards possible we are in constant exchange with our partners and the industry.

Many of our surgeons work as instructors for the Commission of Refractive Laser Surgery (KRC). KRC is a joint committee of the Professional Association of German Ophthalmologists (BVA) and the German Ophthalmological Society (DOG). The Commission for Refractive Surgery evaluates refractive surgical procedures in line with current standards in science. To adhere to the requirements of the German Medical Association regarding structure, process and the quality of the results, KRC has developed recommendations for quality assurance of all new procedures. KRC carries out theoretical and practical courses in accordance with KRC quality assurance guidelines.


As you generally don‘t have to depend on your glasses after treatment,we at Euro Eyes invite you to make a little contribution and donate your glasses for a good cause. We collect about 200 to 400 glasses annually and donate them to people in need in developing countries.

EuroEyes provides Eye Care in Less Developed Countries

EuroEyes doctors accept social responsibility and regularly contribute their highly specialized knowledgeand expertise in cooperation with international organizations by giving medical-humanitarian aid – to help visually impaired people who live in less developed countries.

Commitment in Gannan, China

In April 2018, the EuroEyes team made the long journey from Europe to Gannan to offer the local Chinese the opportunity to live a pain-free life. The charity trip to Gannan was coordinated by the Gansu Provincial Health & Family Planning Commission and initiated jointly by the EuroEyes Group, the Shunfeng Charity Foundation and the Shenzhen Cross-Border E-Commerce Association. On site, the Gannan State Health & Family Planning Commission and Gannan People’s Hospital implemented the project. Dr. Jørn S. Jørgensen, founder and CEO of EuroEyes, Dr. Jannik Boberg-Ans and many other EuroEyes employees have operated on more than 190 visually impaired patients.

Due to a lack of financial resources in the health sector, poor infrastructure and few hospitals, the people affected in Gannan suffer from a lack of medical care. EuroEyes donated hundreds of artificial lenses for the treatment of cataracts.

EuroEyes improves lives in the Dominican Republic

A team of nine EuroEyes doctors, nurses and refractive coordinators travelled to La Romana in the Dominican Republic, in cooperation with Surgical Eye Expeditions (SEE) International, a nonprofit humanitarian aid program for the blind and visually impaired. The team then established an ophthalmic surgery center at the local hospital. Approximately 130 patients in El Buen Samaritano were in need of surgical eye procedures. Many of the patients were suffering from cataracts that, in many less developed countries are left untreated and lead to blindness. Through EuroEyes projects such as in the Dominican Republic, we want to support our colleagues in other countries to improve thelives of patients,“ explains Dr. Jørgensen. Apart from providing surgical support, EuroEyes also donated 200 artificial lenses, and provided the people in the hospital El Buen Samaritano with glasses.

Extending our Committment to Enhancing Lives

EuroEyes has many years of experience in planning and implementing such medical missions and with that we fulfill our social responsibility on an international level and provide direct medical help. Our employees have already successfully carried out similar projects in cooperation with SEE in Peru and Lesotho.


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