"Thanks to EuroEyes, my mother can see clearly again"

~ Xinyi Zhang, Actress (Presbyopia)

Zhang xinyi (1)

Xinyi Zhang was born on May 29th, 1981 in Ziyang City, Sichuan Province. In 2012, she won the Leaping Actress Award of the 2012 National Drama Festival for her role in the hit drama “Beijing Love Story”.

In her life, she is also a filial girl with a straight personality. Because her mother has been troubled by presbyopia for many years, Xinyi Zhang deliberately took advantage of the few rest periods in the year and took her mother to the EuroEyes clinic in Germany for presbyopia surgery.

Reading glasses? No thanks!

Xinyi’s mother’s eyes are a typical symptom of presbyopia. The words in newspapers and magazines are not clear. On top, she is suffering from cataract as well. If you wear presbyopic glasses for more than 20 minutes, you will feel dizzy. It is very easy to cause visual fatigue and the quality of life is seriously affected.

Regarding presbyopia, people used to think that it could only be corrected by reading glasses, and now there are various advanced surgical treatment methods abroad to help people completely cure. Knifeless femtosecond laser combined with multifocal lens replacement surgery, commonly known as knifeless presbyopia surgery, is currently the latest surgical treatment of presbyopia.

Eighteen years ago, EuroEyes started this technology in Germany. In 2013, it brought the knifeless femtosecond laser presbyopia correction surgery to China. Dr. Jørgensen, founder of EuroEyes, personally helped a patient who had been suffering from presbyopia for 16 years to get clear vision.

Recommendation by a friend

The EuroEyes clinic was also referred by one friend of Xinyi. Last year her friends’ myopia was cured through laser treatment surgery at EuroEyes. And Xinyi found out that EuroEyes can also cure presbyopia through surgery. She took her mother to do the eye check immediately. She hoped to solve her mother’s eye problems for many years through surgery so that her mother can see the world clearly again.

Fortunately, Xinyi’s mother had greatly improved her vision after surgical treatment. Not only did she completely get rid of reading glasses, but she would no longer have cataracts. This multifocal lens can be placed in the eyes for at least 70 years. Through this operation, Xinyi’s mother’s quality of life will be greatly improved.

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