"Thanks to EuroEyes, I'm seeing the world with completely different eyes again."

~ Michael Lotz, cameraman, Hamburg (Presbyopia)


Michael Lotz suffered from presbyopia. His glasses particularly bothered him when he worked as a cameraman, and he found he couldn’t tolerate contact lenses. “In order to be able to judge the picture I am about to take accurately, I have to get close to the camera. This was not possible with glasses. So I was forced to take off my glasses to look through the camera’s viewfinder, then put the glasses back on to see what was happening at a distance. Glasses down again to take the next picture. It was like this the whole time, and then the glasses kept falling off. I was totally annoyed. It was so stressful that something had to change.”

Celebrity Thomas Gottschalk helped him take the decision

At an event celebrating the 25th anniversary of EuroEyes, Michael was working as a cameraman for a TV station, conducting an interview with entertainer Thomas Gottschalk, who spoke about his treatment in the Hamburg clinic. This was the inspiration for Michael to make an appointment for an initial consultation with Dr. Jørn Jørgensen. An appointment for surgery followed, and a few weeks later, the clinic director implanted him with multifocal lenses. After only a short time, the cameraman regained 100 percent vision, which is essential for his profession. “If I had known beforehand how much quality of life this short operation would bring back and how quickly I would be able to see again afterwards, I would have done it much earlier. Many thanks to Dr. Jørgensen and the entire EuroEyes team who have provided me with truly first-class care from the very beginning. Now I see the world again with completely different eyes.”

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