ReLEx smile

"All of a sudden I felt so much more comfortable in my own skin"

~ Janine Frohloff, 27, Model (ReLEx smile)


Janine Frohloff spent most of her childhood happy and without any need of glasses. At the age of 11, however, a regular eye test revealed a slight short-sightedness. Her first choice: contact lenses. They were not inconvenient and, most important, not visible.

Wearing glasses? No thanks!

However, after a few years Janine found she could no longer tolerate the contact lenses, and had to get used to wearing glasses. It never really worked: “With the glasses I would restrict myself and felt unattractive.” As a freelance model, she was frequently asked to be photographed without glasses, and wearing them was annoying and not welcome at shootings. At the age of 19, Janine Frohloff had reached the point where she wanted to change something – for once and for all.

“My life has improved in so many ways”

During her research she discovered EuroEyes and was convinced that the laser eye centre was the right choice for her. After that, everything happened really fast. First the preliminary examination, then the ReLEx smile treatment on both eyes. “Four hours after the treatment, I could see without any problems. All of a sudden, I felt much more comfortable in my own skin.”

The model is still convinced: “Three years ago I got the laser treatment at EuroEyes and I am incredibly happy and satisfied. My life has improved in so many ways. Anyone who is struggling with vision loss should visit EuroEyes.”

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