"My eyes regained youth"

~ Fuli Wang, Actress (Presbyopia)


Fuli Wang is a well-known performing artist and powerful actress from the 1980s. Wang Fuli was popular in the south and north of the 70s and 80s, creating many classic images, not only first-class acting, but also a beautiful face, especially a pair of bright eyes.

From “the world’s first sister-in-law” to “Mrs. Qi Gong”. Decades have passed, but time has favored Ms. Fuli Wang, leaving more grace to her.

However, the aging of the eyes and the accompanying loss of vision are unavoidable. Ms. Fu Li is also deeply troubled, so she decided to be treated by the founder of EuroEyes, Dr. Jørgensen, an expert in ophthalmology and optics in Germany, China and Denmark.

Treatment by German standards

In a comfortable environment, EuroEyes’ medical team conducted a comprehensive inspection for Ms. Fu Li according to German standards, and then was consulted by experienced Dr. Jørgensen based on the data of the inspection. He tailored the best treatment plan for her to let her regain her clear vision through surgery, and regain her youthful eyes.

Dr. Jørgensen said: “EuroEyes’ personalized treatment program can solve many eye problems of middle-aged and old people at one time, including presbyopia and cataracts. German standard comprehensive examination can provide a clearer and thorough understanding of patients. Everyone’s eye conditions are unique, so we will “customize” each patient to restore the vision to the most ideal state. This is also one of the reasons why many stars choose us.”

"Thank you for your superb medical skills"

After the operation, Ms. Fu Li was very satisfied. Her son Wang Xiao is also very happy, and the happy feelings between the loving mother and the son are moving.

Ms. Fu Li sincerely thanked Dr. Jørgensen for his superb medical skills and the friendly and professional service of the EuroEyes team. For EuroEyes, “the patient’s smile is the biggest affirmation to us!”

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