Implantable Contact Lens

"The eyes are the best tools in my profession."

~ Daniel Mühlhausen, 24 years, nautical officer (Implantable Contact Lens)


Daniel Mühlhausen’s visual impairment was detected in first grade, and within a few weeks, Daniel received his first pair of glasses. “But of course, as a kid I was constantly romping around, playing and showing little consideration for my glasses. Accordingly, my glasses wore out a lot.”

After a few years Daniel switched to contact lenses. “I remember when my parents helped me put the lenses in, before school and after I came home.”

But Daniel Mühlhausen’s ophthalmologist confirmed that contact lenses were not a permanent solution. Slight redness and dry eyes were just a few of the problems that occurred more and more frequently. As a nautical officer at the world’s largest shipping company, Daniel Mühlhausen’s responsibility is to steer ships. “My eyes are the best tools in my profession. I must be able to look into the distance without any problems and recognize lights in the darkness. Most of the time I’m on the road for up to three months at a time, so I don’t want to spend time on things like glasses or contact lenses, rather, I need to concentrate on my work.”

The solution? A lens treatment.

Daniel Mühlhausen, who lives in Denmark, at first made an appointment for an examination at another clinic. “However, it was cancelled two hours before the treatment. Very frustrating and annoying.” Daniel finally came across EuroEyes through Instagram. “I live in Kruså, Denmark, less than five minutes past the Danish border. And since the Hamburg clinic is only about two hours away by train, I made an appointment for a consultation at the clinic.” Daniel waited less than three weeks between the first appointment and the actual treatment. “I was thrilled. The treatment with the ICL contact lens was quick and painless. The day after the operation I was already back on my feet – on a shopping trip with my girlfriend.” Probably the biggest change for the nautical officer was that he no longer had to wear glasses or contact lenses at home. “In the beginning, I still had my eyes open to take out my contact lens. Out of pure habit. But thanks to EuroEyes, that’s a thing of the past.”

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