ReLEx smile

"I feel lighter and more independent."

~ Ben Braun, Actor, Berlin (ReLEx smile)


“I was always one of those students who liked to sit in the back row. Until at some point in the 10th grade I had problems with my eyes, and that didn’t work out so well anymore. A typical case of myopia.” However, Ben Braun was very active in sports, so wearing glasses quickly became inconvenient in everyday life. “I play a lot of basketball, tennis and ice hockey. You have to be able to react quickly, sometimes you get a ball in your face. Nothing is more obstructive than glasses, of course.” Therefore, as a student he switched to contact lenses with stable shape – which were a good alternative.

Disruptive contact lenses in everyday life

In everyday life, however, the contact lenses were more cumbersome than expected. “Somehow, I always managed to lose the lenses after a certain amount of time. In addition, the lenses caused tiredness, so that after 14 or 15 hours my eyes literally closed and my eyelids became heavier and heavier. So when I was shooting at night, I had to calculate exactly when I could put the lenses in so that they wouldn’t cause me any trouble.”

The lenses also sensitized the actor’s eyes. “Now and then we use tear drops during the shooting. But because of the contact lenses, my eyes reacted very sensitively to external influences.”

Ben’s actor colleague Wanda Perdelwitz was struggling with similar problems and recommended EuroEyes to him. “I had been toying with the idea of an operation for some time but was never sure. After all, I also felt a lot of caution. When finally Dr. Lamcke from EuroEyes told me that the operation only takes a few seconds per eye, I was able to make up my mind.” The actor, who grew up on Lake Constance, also longed to be able to open his eyes again underwater. “I know, a real luxury problem, but that was a dream for years.“

At the beginning of March he was ready for the next step. Everything went well during the operation, and Ben did not find the laser treatment painful at all. “The few seconds actually went by very quickly. However, the sensitivity of my eyes caused a strong flow of tears, which made the operation somewhat more difficult. The first three hours after my operation were unpleasant, I felt a burning sensation in my eyes. However, I was able to see again for a few hours that evening. Two days later I was even able to drive a car again. I knew then that the operation was definitely worth it.“

Just a few weeks after the operation at EuroEyes Berlin, Ben’s attitude towards life has changed significantly. “I feel lighter and more independent. I always found it annoying when I had to take my contact lenses out just before going to bed. Even now I still have this impulse at times – until I realise again and again with relief that this is no longer necessary and I can finally see again without glasses or contact lenses”.

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