The EuroEyes International Medical Advisory Board held its annual IMAB meeting in Mallorca

The EuroEyes International Medical Advisory Board (IMAB) held its annual meeting in Mallorca.

Participating were Prof. Auffarth, Prof. Dick, Prof. Knorz, PD Dr. Lerche, Dr. Jørgensen and via video conference Prof. Yaoke in Hangzhou, China, and Prof. Reinstein in the UK.

It was a fantastic three days of intense meetings where IMAB discussed future technologies and other medical topics.

For EuroEyes, such meetings are extremely important to exchange and decide on future medical directions and strategies.

EuroEyes is majority owned and managed by partners and ophthalmologists. This enables us to make quick decisions on the best future medical strategies.

Thank you to all IMAB members for attending our annual meeting.

More information about the International Medical Advisory Board (IMAB):

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