EuroEyes doctors help poor blind people: Red Synet Eye Rescue

For 17 years now, a couple of EuroEyes doctors has been traveling around the world to help poor blind people regain their sight.

Every year – while on vacation – Gøril Jannik Boberg-Ans (Senior Ophthalmic Surgeon) and her husband Jannik Boberg-Ans (Ophthalmic Surgeon and Medical Director of EuroEyes Denmark) travel the world to restore sight to blind people – blind people who could never afford cataract treatment or would not have access to the medical care needed for it. But other visually impaired people can also benefit greatly from discarded eyeglasses.

The Danish-Norwegian ophthalmologist couple founded “Red Synet”, which is based on volunteer work. From Denmark, “Red Synet” brings used glasses that are donated by the customers of the EuroEyes eye clinics. Precisely because they – after vision correction – no longer need the glasses, they are now given away in the former Tanzania. There, the lack of glasses is the second most common cause of severe visual impairment!

Red Synet Eye Rescue was founded 17 years ago and has since conducted 11 expeditions to poor people. In the process, more than 2,000 eyes have been saved and over 5,000 pairs of eyeglasses have been donated.

This spring, Red Synet will work to establish a permanent eye clinic in Karatu and train local staff.



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