Cataracts increase the risk of falls and fractures in old age

Cataracts increase the risk of falls and fractures in old age

Eye conditions such as cataracts pose a significant health risk

Eye conditions such as cataracts pose a significant health risk, particularly for older people. An extensive study of over 3.4 million adults has found that this condition significantly increases the risk of falls and fractures. This is a significant discovery as falls are the second leading cause of unintentional injury-related deaths worldwide. Every year, around 650,000 people lose their lives due to falls and more than 170 million suffer short or long-term disabilities.

Early diagnosis and treatment of cataracts is important!

The importance of early diagnosis and treatment of cataracts can therefore not be emphasised enough. Cataract surgery, as offered by EuroEyes, can not only reduce the risk of falls and the associated serious consequences, but also significantly improve quality of life through improved vision. Patients often report a significant improvement in vision, which in most cases even makes wearing glasses superfluous.

The benefits of such surgery are manifold: in addition to the immediate improvement in vision, it can also help to maintain independence in old age and increase general enjoyment of life. Given the serious impact that falls can have on the health and well-being of older people, cataract surgery is an important measure to improve public health.

In summary, cataract surgery is a safe and effective way to correct vision problems caused by cataracts. Not only does it offer the opportunity to reduce dependence on visual aids, but it also helps to minimise the risk of falls and the serious injuries associated with them. With EuroEyes’ advanced technology and expertise, patients can be confident that their vision problems will be permanently resolved.

No more cataracts thanks to trifocal lenses:

The use of trifocal/multifocal lenses is a first-class method of eliminating cataracts while simultaneously correcting presbyopia, allowing you to live a life free of glasses. You can feel safe with us: EuroEyes has performed the most implantations with ZEISS trifocal lenses worldwide for years! It goes without saying that we only use premium lenses and the latest laser technology. No more cataracts!


Cataracts increase the risk of falls and fractures in old age


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