Implantable Contact Lens

"I am overjoyed."

Karen Wernicke, EuroEyes employee in Germany (Implantable Contact Lens)


Karen Wernicke, working at EuroEyes, has had enough of her contact lenses and the resulting dryness of her eyes. As a EuroEyes employee she was at the right place: "I know the surgeons personally and I am convinced of the quality of the treatments in the eye laser clinic group". In the interview, Karen tells us how she has been doing and what surprised her most during the treatment.

Since when do you wear glasses, since when contact lenses?

I have been dependent on glasses since I was 11 years old, then I switched to contact lenses when I was 14.

How did the contact lenses affect you?

I am very active in sports, I like to go to the gym and ride cross bike. It is very annoying that the contact lenses dry out quickly due to the wind. In general, I find wearing contact lenses uncomfortable, as I get dry eyes and my vision gets blurred. Professionally, I sit at the computer a lot at EuroEyes. I also had problems here, at this distance I always had slightly blurred vision. I just had enough.

How did you decide to have your eyes corrected at EuroEyes?

I have been working for EuroEyes for almost 2 years. I know the surgeons personally and I am convinced of the quality of the treatments in the eye laser clinic group: European champion in the implantation of ICL lenses, long-term experience and high-volume surgeons.

What concerns did you have before the decision?

I had absolutely no concerns, because I saw the many happy patients after an ICL treatment and knew that I would feel just as good after the procedure.

How did you feel before the treatment?

Although I know the surgical procedure in every detail, at the beginning it was a strange feeling to be operated on myself. I was a bit nervous because I had never had eye surgery before.

What did you feel during the treatment?

Thanks to the anaesthetic drops I did not feel anything – neither the eyelid holder nor the insertion and unfolding of the lens. I was surprised – the treatment went by felt faster than it actually took. The procedure usually takes about 5 to 6 minutes per eye. However, it felt as if we had already finished after 2 minutes.

How did you feel after the operation?

My expectations were exceeded! I thought the quality of my vision will be similar to my contact lenses – but now I see much better than with contact lenses. My visual performance after ICL lens implantation is 120%. I am overjoyed and can now finally understand the happiness of the EuroEyes patients myself.

How is your everyday life?

Since then I feel an absolute feeling of freedom! Finally starting the day without contact lenses. All day long I have extremely sharp vision – with the contact lenses I only had blurred vision from the afternoon on. It is hard to imagine how I have lived so long without sharp vision.

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